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    Christian Counseling

    What is Christian Counseling?
    Providing Christian Counseling simply means incorporating your Christian belief system into treatment. How we make sense of ourselves, others, and the world is always connected to our values and beliefs, whether we recognize it or not. Incorporating your Christian beliefs into therapy can look like a variety of different ways. Here are a few examples of ways spirituality is incorporated into treatment:

    1. Challenging whether your current beliefs about yourself, others, situation, etc. are congruent with what you believe theologically.
    2. Utilizing your Christian beliefs as a way of identifying and building helpful coping skills.
    3. Identifying potentially false or harmful religious beliefs contributing to further shame/hopelessness.
    4. Working towards making sense of whatever tragedy, difficulty, or life circumstance brought you into counseling in light of your belief system.

    What Christian Counseling is NOT:

    1. A therapist telling you to pray more, have more faith or teach that your current mental health struggles are a result of not being a ‘good enough’ Christian.
    2. A therapist forces their own spiritual beliefs on you.
    3. A therapist invaliding one’s experiences by providing ‘Christianese’ answers to life’s difficulties.

    Christian Counseling not for you?
    That’s okay! I provide both traditional and faith-based counseling. I will never force my beliefs, Christian or not, onto a client of mine. The level of spirituality we incorporate into counseling is up to you.
    I look forward to meeting with you soon.