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    Quick Marriage Assessment

    Did you ever wonder if you could take a quick (about 10 minutes) marriage assessment online to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in a number of critical areas in your relationship? If so, please find a link below to use for such a purpose. Take it, receive your results, and come see me with your results in hand for some steps to improve in the following areas:

    • Lifelong Commitment
    • Shared Spiritual Intimacy
    • Positive Communication
    • Healthy Conflict Management
    • Spending Enjoyable Time Together
    • Cherish
    • Nourish
    • Shared Responsibility
    • Mutually Satisfying Physical Intimacy
    • Coping with Change, Stress, and Crises
    • Community Minded
    • Healthy Individuals

    Here’s how the assessment works: Each spouse takes the free assessment survey individually (this only requires about ten minutes). Once they’re finished, they can access the results through the link at the end of the assessment (we also e-mail them the link for later reference). The results will indicate their top two or three strengths as well as two or three significant weak areas in their relationship. As an additional service, we also direct participants to Focus materials which speak into those areas of life and marriage.

    Assessment is free online for couples to take directly and receive their report directly from a Christian organization called Focus on the family:


    Jim Ciraky Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor, AdventHelp.com

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