• 5 Signs Your Christian Therapist Is Good

    You seem to be going through a difficult time and believe you could use some assistance.  Maybe you’re in a toxic relationship, maybe you recently went through a difficult breakup, or maybe your negative thoughts are increasing.

    You want someone who shares your faith, but you also want assistance. A Christian counselor can be useful in this situation. However, as with any profession, there are good and bad professionals. So, how would you know that your Christian therapist is the right one?

    1.    They Always Focus on the Main Problem

    It is normal for additional concerns to surface once therapy has started. It’s also OK for the conversation to go off course, take a slight detour, or even appear to be moving in another direction, but a professional counselor will always come full circle.

    Sticking to the primary problem is a telltale sign of a good Christian therapist. Suppose you are having a session with your counselor to improve the toxic relationship in your marriage between you and your partner. A good counselor will always stick to your main problem and make sure that the main topic of your conversation in Christian marriage counseling is your relationship.

    2.    They Are Realistic About Your Problem

    A competent Christian therapist is realistic about what’s going on inside of you and is aware that we all experience both positive and negative emotions. They don’t have this attitude of “here, take this scripture and call me in the morning” or “everything is okay.” They are aware of the hardships and realities of this life, as well as the potential consequences of sin. They can accompany you on that journey as well.

    3.    They Know When to Listen and Speak

    They are aware of when to listen and when to speak. There is no set formula for Christian counseling; it is a delicate balance. There will be instances in which listening is essential and instances in which expert advice is required.

    Some lousy counselors will lecture you nonstop during the session. Some average counselors, on the other hand, will just listen so much that they are viewed as little more than a hired friend. A good Christian counselor knows when to offer guidance and when to listen sympathetically.

    4.    They Emphasize on Empowerment and Growth

    In Christian counseling, working with a skilled Christian therapist gives you the confidence to actively participate in your own recovery and development. They assist you in gaining a better knowledge of your relationships, faith, and yourself. A skilled therapist helps you develop resilience and create long-lasting positive change in your life by providing you with support and encouragement.

    5.    Bible Is Their Foundation

    Bible serves as the foundation for Christian counseling The Bible serves as their standard. If your counselor claims to be a good Christian counselor, the Bible should be their guide more than any other secular resource along with clinically proven methods that align with scripture.

    A good Christian therapist will work at your own pace and will never be afraid to let you go as a client when you have achieved your goal. Their main goal will be to provide you with assistance in escaping the mindsets and habits that have held you back over time.