• 8 Effective Couple Therapy Exercises You Can Try

    If your relationship is going downward and you feel like there is nothing you can do to save it, marriage therapy may be an effective way to get your love life back on track. There are fights and disagreements in almost every relationship, but when they start to grow and occur more frequently, there can be severe consequences.

    If you and your partner argue over little things and feel like you both are finding it hard to tolerate each other, we advise you to book a marriage counseling session right away and get the help of an expert. However, below are 8 effective couple therapy exercises you can try and hopefully obtain effective results.

    1. Try to Use the Phrase “I” Instead of “You.”

    Try to use the “I” phrase more often than “You” especially when you are in an argument. For example, say “I feel hurt” instead of saying “you hurt me.” This is the best way you can reduce the argument from getting heated.

    2. Active Listening

    Listening and active listening can be two very different things. Listening actively to your partner is the advice you will hear in most marriage counseling sessions from your marriage therapist.  Half of the couple’s main reason for fighting is that they claim that their other partner does not listen to them.

    3. Express Your Emotions

    Creating a secure space for unrestricted emotional and verbal expression without judgment encourages partners to disclose their true sentiments. This practice avoids emotional obstacles and promotes a friendly environment.

    4. Express Gratitude

    Expressing thanks and discussing what works in your relationship might help you appreciate each other more. Make it a habit of expressing appreciation daily through in-person conversations, texts, or a positive sticky note in a place your partner will find it.

    5. Get Creative Together

    In marriage therapy sessions, it is often suggested that couples write down their goals and collect images that represent their relationship desires. It’s a tangible reminder that marriage is a work in progress and that it takes hard work and time on both ends to create a strong, healthy, and long-lasting relationship.

    6. Find Engaging Topics to Communicate

    You must try to add new and engaging topics to communicate with other than “What’s for breakfast”? Find a common topic that interests you both and start with a healthy conversation. This is one of the best marriage counseling tips that works for many couples.

    7. Take an Interest in Each Other’s Days

    When was the last time you asked your partner what they were looking forward to the most that day? Spending a few minutes discussing your partner’s objectives and aspirations will help them feel supported and cared for in your relationship.

    8. Use Music to Strengthen Connections

    Remember preparing the ultimate mixtape for your high school crush? Shared musical tastes strengthen social relationships. Feel the nostalgia and create a playlist of songs that remind you of your sweetheart and the times you’ve spent together. Swap playlists to gain a glimpse into each other’s romantic side.

    Keep in mind that the above strategies can only work well if both partners agree to participate willingly and the issues in your relationship are not that serious. However, if your relationship is facing serious issues, it is best to seek marriage therapy and counseling from a marriage therapist.