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    Individual Therapy

    Individual Therapy

    Individual Counseling may focus on any number of issues and provides a safe environment to work through life’s challenges. We have worked with individuals for over 20 years resolving or managing such as depression, anxiety, broken relationships, ADHD, parenting, managing wayward children (including adult children), and many others.

    Individual Counseling in Marietta is focused on the individual’s immediate or near-future concerns. It may encompass career, goal setting, planning, grief after a loved one dies, or dealing with problems at a job before they become insurmountable. Individual counseling in Smyrna is a one-on-one discussion between the counselor and the client. The two form an alliance or professional relationship that enables trust and strategies for personal and professional growth

    If you’ve been feeling hopeless or lost lately, or struggling with a problem in your life that feels unsurmountable, individual therapy could help you improve your everyday life. Individual therapy helps you win against whatever you’re battling by putting a specialist in your corner by means of a professional therapist.

    So if any of these sound like you…

    1. You keep worrying about the same problem over and over
    2. You don’t know who you could ever trust with knowing about your secret struggle
    3. You wish there was somebody who could tell you why you feel this way
    4. You’re interested in therapy, but you don’t want to give up total control
    5. Other areas of your life are being negatively impacted by your struggle
    6. You need somebody to listen to you and your feelings and thoughts for once
    7. You’re interested in therapy, but not sure how it could fit into your life

    What to expect from individual therapy

    From the very first session of individual therapy in Marietta, the therapist focuses on gathering information. They speak with the person in treatment and learn about their past physical, mental, and emotional health. It takes a few individual therapy sessions in Smyrna to get an understanding of the situation of the individual. After that, I address the concerns and determine the best course of action.

    You can also decide after the first session if you like the style of the therapist. Relying on the therapist you are comfortable with is extremely vital for successful treatment. I encourage people to do a lot of talking while in therapy. At first, it may feel hard to talk about past experiences as well as current concerns. Moreover, emotions may stir up during the sessions. You may feel upset, angry, or sad during individual therapy. You can also ask questions and clear your confusion at any point. With time, people develop a more positive mood and healthier thinking patterns. Therapists may provide “homework” assignments to support individuals in applying and integrating the topics discussed in therapy into their daily lives.

    Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of therapy, where individuals can expect their sessions to be private. However, therapists may be required to break confidentiality if there is an immediate risk of harm to the individual or others. Additionally, federal or state laws may mandate therapists to disclose information. It is common practice for therapists to explain the boundaries of confidentiality and provide written guidelines during the initial therapy session.

    If you’re looking for help in improving your everyday life – or for a more tailored therapy experience – you would be a great fit for our individual therapy services. Please reach out to me today for an assessment for individual therapy or to schedule your first appointment.