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    Christian Counseling

    I often get asked about the difference between Christian and non-Christian counseling. I know a number of non-Christian counselors who are very good at their areas of expertise. What they may lack in dealing with Christians is the experiential component that is understood best when someone is committed to the Christian way of life.

    Since I am a fellow believer in Christ, I am here to help those who want a professional, clinical, and experienced viewpoint on managing or resolving depression, anxiety, and marriage issues from a Christian perspective. Over the years I have earned the trust of pastors and church staff around the Southeast as a trusted referral source. My goal as a Christian counselor is to provide you with a compassionate, biblically-based, and challenging place where you can obtain accurate assessments, meaningful encouragement and viable techniques to support you as you navigate through the challenges of life. No matter what you’re going through, whether depression, anxiety, temptations, or marriage disconnect, there is hope in Christ. Please feel free to contact me today to discuss your concerns and evaluate who or what may best help you in your situation.

    It takes much courage and effort to admit the need for change and even more determination to accomplish the task. I welcome the opportunity to walk with you through your journey sorting out your concerns about parenting, depression, anxiety, and marriage concerns.


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