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    How Can Therapy Help You?

    “The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.” – R. May

    Someone asked me to comment on how therapy really can help. Here is my response.

    I may be able to help you with the following concerns:


    Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or lack of confidence?
    Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or hopeless?
    Is there just never enough time for things you want to do?
    Does it seem you just can’t move on from a loss?
    Do you have difficulties in relationships?
    Are you having trouble making decisions? Are things just “never perfect”?
    Do you feel alone?
    Do you constantly doubt yourself, your decisions, or your value?
    Are you struggling after a divorce or breakup?
    Do you feel like you just can’t seem to please others no matter how hard you try?


    Do you need help clarifying wants, needs, or expectations?
    Do you have concerns about past relationships?
    Do you are being taken for granted?
    Are you and your spouse having frequent arguments?
    Are you dealing with infidelity?
    Do you need help negotiating mutual satisfaction?


    Are you bored or discontent in your job?
    Are you dealing with burnout or job disappointment?
    Are you having difficulty setting and achieving goals?
    Do you have difficulty making decisions due to anxiety or procrastination?

    Counseling seeks to provide the ability to:

    Change self-defeating behaviors/habits
    Manage stress effectively
    Better express and manage emotions, including anger
    Improve communication and interpersonal skills
    Improve problem-solving and conflict resolution abilities
    Increase confidence and decision-making skills
    Relieve depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions

    Please call me if you want some help.


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