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    Quick Definition of Co-Occurring Disorders

    Some clients have asked me what the term “co-occurring disorder” means. A co-occurring issue may also be called dual diagnosis or co-morbid disorder. This terminology just refers to possible underlying mental health issues that appear usually alongside substance use disorders. It is common for some clients to have more than one outlet or display of addiction. In other words, some people who struggle with anxiety or depression, may also struggle with some other addiction or outlet in order to cope with the anxiety or depression. The reverse is also true. Some people who struggle with addiction may also experience anxiety or depression. Co-occurring disorders often greatly impact one another.

    Treating both conditions is necessary for maximum management or resolution of the issue. Leaving one of the items untreated may sabotage success in treatment. Some common co-occurring disorders include anxiety, depression, and relationship conflicts that may function like puzzle pieces which, when understood and treated, may offer hope to the client on more than one front. This often improves the chances of successful treatment.

    If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or relationship problems, please come see me if you want some proven methods to help with these issues.


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