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    Quick Depression Help

    The following are some potential quick helps with depression and decreased motivation that work for many people:

    • Get enough sleep. A psychiatrist once told me that if his patients got more consistent and structured sleep, he could discharge part of his caseload.
    • Establish a routine (Here is how you may begin the process https://open.buffer.com/daily-schedule/ ).
    • Set daily goals and prioritize them.
    • Exercise, which help to increase endorphins (called the happy drug)
    • Eat healthy. See the following website regarding tips on how diet affects depression/mood https://www.webmd.com/depression/guide/diet-recovery#1
    • Do something new that you might like.
    • Try one item with which to have fun today.
    • Challenge negative thoughts.
    • Here are some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) steps that help most people to change depressing negative self-talk:
    • Recognize that we may start getting depressed when our negative self-talk takes over. Then breathing accelerates, adrenaline is secreted, and our heart begins to race. This is a natural (flight or fight) process.
    • Challenge your negative self-talk (for example from “I’m never going to resolve this problem,” to “what am I going to do about my relationship, job, or life, etc.
    • See MD for full physical check-up and medication evaluation if needed.
    • Involve self in groups or interests for support.

    Additionally, here are some possible steps I am going to try today etc. This is not based on feelings, but on will/choice/volition.

    Move from

    • I can’t (if unable you have no choice)
    • I won’t (now you have a choice)
    • I’ll try (give it a go)
    • I did (experience the success)

    Then create a positive habit by repeating the new behavior, which may result in a lifestyle change.

    In my next blog, I will detail quick steps to change negative thoughts to positive ones using the effective strategies of CBT.

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