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    Quick Help to Assess Child Preoccupation with Video Games

    A parent came to me and asked, “How do I know if my son is addicted to video games?” I told them to consider the following questions about video gaming:

    • Can he function well in other aspects of life such as socializing and outdoor play without needing to play video games?
    • How does gaming affect his ability to accomplish school-related activities such as completing homework, arriving on time to school, or concentrating on educational needs?
    • How does gaming affect his relationship with others such as parents, grandparents, siblings, and peers?
    • Does gaming hinder his healthy habits such as exercise, eating, and hygiene?
    • Does he exhibit meltdowns such as yelling or physical altercations when instructed to stop gaming?
    • Does gaming affect significant changes in his mood?

    If your child is exhibiting some problems in a number of the above items, please have him or her evaluated by a qualified professional.

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